From the Kitchen of Alexandre Marchand


From the Kitchen of Alexandre Marchand

The Artist's Redemption is full of scrumptious French food. This short collection features three of Alex's favorite recipes. I spent several afternoons with my own swoony here as we (ok, he) recreated these yummy items:

  • Rustic French Macaroons. These aren't the pastel, frosting-filled cookies that are so popular now. These are more along the lines of the traditional French macaroon that was made simply with almonds, sugar and egg whites. The taste and texture is subtle but very addictive!

  • Castle Soup. Or Cassoulet, if you want to get technical. The traditional cassoulet is made with beans and meats such as duck, sausage and pork. This version features beans and sausage and is oh so yummy.

  • Coq-au-Vin. Oh. My. Goodness. THE proposal meal from The Artist's Redemption. Full of chicken, carrots, onions and mushrooms...not to mention wine and brandy...this is a rich and flavorful dish. I don't see how any lady could say anything but "yes."

Try them out and let me know what you think!