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TAO Book Club Questions

Ten questions about The Astronomer's Obsession for your next book club gathering. Download and print the pretty PDF version for your group, or access the questions directly on this page.

Warning: The questions contain spoilers, in case you haven't finished reading yet.

10 Questions

  1. Harry believes everything is knowable. "If we look hard enough and shine a bright enough torch, we can see the answers." Do you agree?

  2. What do you think Harry would make of today's understanding of the universe?

  3. Comment on Celeste's perspective on art exhibits: "Separating ladies from the general Salon only diminishes the importance of their work."

  4. Lord Ashford gambled one child's future for another's on what he thought was a sure thing. Do you think the risk was worth it?

  5. What was your favorite line?

  6. In what ways did Harry and Celeste show their love for one another?

  7. Was there a part of the story that made you laugh? Cry?

  8. Who or what was the astronomer's "obsession"?

  9. Was Harry and Celeste's love believable?

  10. How did Celeste change and grow throughout the story? How did Harry change and grow throughout the story?

Let me know how it goes!

Comment below and let me know which questions generated the most/best/worst discussion! What questions have I left off?

TAO Book Club Questions
Download PDF • 2.41MB

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