What's an ARC, you ask...

When was the last time you read a book with no reviews? Reviews create social proof to help future viewers decide if they'd like to read a new book. They're so important for authors to get the word out about a new book.

An ARC, or Advance Review Copy, is a complimentary copy of a new, often pre-published, book that's provided to readers, reviewers, bloggers and others to generate buzz and honest reviews around a book launch. They're a common practice in the publishing industry. (ARCs are one reason you may see a paperback version of a book before the eBook version is available, especially for indie authors. The paperback version gives ARC reviewers a place to post their review before the eBook releases.)

I currently use BookSirens to distribute a limited number of ARCs in pdf or e-reader format. Individuals on my Preferred ARC List receive first priority.

How can I receive an ARC?

To request that your name be added to the Preferred ARC List, complete this short Preferred ARC List form. (If you're a member of my Reader's Circle who has previously reviewed one of my ARCs, you're already on the List.)

When I post a new ARC, I notify the Preferred ARC List by email with a link to the ARC on BookSirens. From there, BookSirens does a fantastic job of walking reviewers through the process along the way.

What's required?

To join the Preferred ARC List, you must

  • Be a member of the K. Lyn Smith Reader's Circle. (Completion of the Preferred ARC List form will also add you to the Reader's Circle if you're not already subscribed, so you do not need to subscribe separately.)

  • Be willing to post an honest review on Amazon, Goodreads or Bookbub (or all 3!) on or around a book's official release date. Reviews on other platforms are also welcome and appreciated, but not required.

  • Honor the copyright by not sharing the ARC file with anyone or posting it so others may access it (it's ok to include quotes from the book in your review).

  • Enjoy reading sweet historical romance.

That's it!

How do I leave a review?

Once you finish reading, BookSirens will prompt you for your honest review. This review can then be copied onto the review pages for Amazon as well as BookBub, Goodreads or any other platform you prefer.

Most reviewers leave a few words discussing what they liked about the book and what their reactions and emotions were on reading it (e.g., did it make you laugh or cry, did you clench your fists in frustration or did you root for the characters?). You can also read Amazon reviews from books like The Physician's Dilemma to see what other reader reviews look like.

Questions / Contact

I would love to have you join the Preferred ARC List! Contact me at with any questions!