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Jilting Jory

Hearts of Cornwall Book 1

"I laughed and cried as the story unfolded, and loved every minute of reading it" — 5-star Goodreads review

An abandoned bridegroom, a reluctant bride and avenging relatives come together in this sweet seaside tale!

An abandoned bridegroom. Bell tuner Jory Tremayne has never been more certain of anything than his love for Miss Anna Pepper, despite her fancy dresses and insensible footwear. But when he offered his heart five years ago, she ran off with it and left him alone beneath a midnight moon. Now, he’s finally resolved to stop mourning her loss and find a lass who will take him and his fish-scented dog.

A reluctant bride. Miss Anna Pepper has left a trail of jilted suitors behind her, but she’s never been able to forget Jory Tremayne. What began with one jilted fiancé has turned into a distressing habit. Now, shadowed by remorse over her poor treatment of Jory, Anna flees her latest fiancé and returns to Cornwall to learn Jory's fate. Perhaps if he’s well settled, she can shed this uncomfortable guilt and find her own happiness. There's just one tiny problem... In her hasty flight, she’s left behind a few things. Clothing. A maid. Money.

And avenging relatives… Unbeknownst to Anna and Jory, his hordes of relations have learned of her past betrayal, and they enact their own agenda. Without funds, Anna finds herself working as a common barmaid to avoid arrest, while Jory becomes her reluctant champion.

With each turn of the screw beneath his cousins’ well-intentioned hands, Anna and Jory are forced to face their past. Will they overcome doubts and betrayal to trust love again?



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