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Stars of Twilight Fair

Love's Journey Book 3

It was irresponsible, really, the way he wielded his smile without a care for where it landed. - Miss Amelia Thorne


Scientist Edmund Corbyn has a passion for the emerging field of photography, but his devotion to his family is unwavering. When it falls to him to save their centuries-old legacy, he readily accepts the challenge. Entrusted by his grandfather and Queen Victoria to secure a suitable bride, Edmund sets out for a house party in the rugged Lake District, confident and determined to achieve his aim.


Miss Amelia Thorne had one single, scandalous season and ever since, she's found refuge in poetry, music and her beloved home on Windermere's misty shore. Labeled the Poisoned Thorne by London's gossip rags, she has little patience for high society or the London tourists tramping her paths. Her peace is disrupted, though, when a chance encounter with one of her aunt’s guests sparks an immediate connection. Despite Amelia’s resolve to maintain her seclusion, she begins to realize just how much she yearns for more.


As Amelia and Edmund's affection grows, Edmund finds himself caught between duty and desire. Will he betray his heart to preserve his family's legacy, or will he dare to defy his monarch’s mandate and risk everything for love?

Stars of Twilight Fair is a witty, humorous and tender forbidden-love romance set in the majestic Lake District. It features a bookish heroine, a scientist hero, a few bits of poetry (both good and bad) and a dog named Lord Byron. If you believe the scent of bookshop is "as rich as the most decadent perfume," then you are a reader after Amelia's own heart. This is a full-length novel and the third in the Love's Journey series. Each book stands alone, but many readers prefer to enjoy them in order.

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