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The Artist's Redemption

Something Wonderful Book 2

"Had me smiling like a lunatic... until the last 2 pages got me all teary." — 5-star Goodreads review

A runaway countess must learn to trust an impoverished artist.


Problems are piling up for Alexandre Marchand. His last courtship ended in failure, he can’t concentrate on his painting and someone is selling forgeries of his work. He’s running dangerously low on funds and sets out to find a wealthy widow or a biddable heiress. Instead, he encounters Regina Townsend. He has no wish to play the hero, but if anyone ever needed one, it’s Regina.


Regina Townsend will protect her daughter and unborn child at any cost. With nowhere else to turn to escape her greedy brother-in-law, she flees to an abandoned cottage on England’s southern coast. She has a plan to secure her future. One that doesn’t require help from any man. Certainly not a silver-tongued, golden-haired, lying rogue.

When danger and Alex’s past catch up with them, can Regina distinguish truth from lies and learn to trust again?

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