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The Astronomer's Obsession

Something Wonderful Book 1

"An absolutely scrumptious read!" — 5-star Goodreads review

An earl’s daughter and an innkeeper’s son find love beneath the stars in this sweet Regency tale.

Harry Corbyn has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. In a discipline dominated by titled noblemen, he’s fought to get where he is. And where he wants to be next is Egypt, to lead an expedition to measure the size of the solar system. An extended stay at Redstone Hall is not part of his plan.

Celeste St. James knows she’s meant for more than needlepoint and high society. With dreams of exhibiting at Paris’ prestigious Académie, she doesn’t need distractions. But she returns to Redstone Hall when her father becomes ill and reunites with her childhood friend. When the two join forces to help Celeste’s father build an ambitious telescope, their powerful connection draws them deeper into each other’s orbit.

But when sabotage and family secrets threaten their dreams, will Harry and Celeste find their way to love?


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