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Driving Miss Darling

Hearts of Cornwall Book 3

“I can't tell you how much I loved this book.... If I could give it 10 stars I would.” — 5-star Amazon review

She came to write about Newford’s bachelors. She didn't expect to fall for one of them.

A passionate writer. Eliza Darling is driven and determined and focused on one thing: acquiring her late father’s newspaper. To succeed, she must deliver a story to top all stories. And what better topic to captivate readers than a town overflowing with novel-worthy heroes?

An engaging charmer. Alfie Kimbrell is gregarious and good-natured and focused on lots of things. Ladies. Taking ale with his cousins. His new cidery venture. Then there’s the derelict property he’s restoring and… did we mention ladies?

And the story that brings them together... When Miss Darling arrives, Alfie mistakenly assumes she’s come to write about Newford’s attractions. As he points out his hamlet’s charms, he finds himself falling harder than ever before for the bold and independent lady. But Miss Darling doesn’t seem interested in Newford’s sights at all, and he begins to wonder if his family might not be her story.

As Alfie and Eliza navigate their growing feelings for one another, they must confront their differences. Will Eliza's ambition and Alfie's loyalty to his family keep them apart, or will they find a way to love?

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