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Matching Miss Moon

Hearts of Cornwall Book 2

“Watching two people fall in love the way [Smith] writes is just awesome.”5-star BookSirens reviewer

A reforming flirt meets her heart’s match when she models for a reserved stone carver.


Stone carver Gryffyn Kimbrell aspires to create more than headstones and hedges, so when he learns of a competition in nearby Truro, he leaps at the opportunity. And to his surprise, Miss Keren Moon provides much needed inspiration. While the mayor’s daughter has not been particularly selective with her flirtations, he’s never been on the receiving end. But her disregard doesn't concern him; with his family’s secrets firmly guarded, he’s resigned to a bachelor’s life, and all he requires of Miss Moon is permission to sketch her. Nothing more. If only he could get his heart to fall in line.


Threatened with separation from her young brother, Miss Keren Moon agrees to her father’s ultimatum to reform her flirtatious ways. Pointing her feet on a straight and narrow path, she resolves to avoid behavior that will cause her father to send her away. Modeling for sculptor Gryffyn Kimbrell might be on that list, but against her better judgment, she makes a secret bargain with the reserved stone carver: she’ll allow him to draw her if he’ll provide carving lessons for her trouble-prone brother.

When Gryffyn’s masterpiece is revealed, will this unexpected couple find their way to love?


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