The Physician's Dilemma

The Physician's Dilemma

Something Wonderful Book 3

"A wonderful book hangover" - 5-star Amazon review

"Absolutely loved this story!" - 5-star Goodreads review

A physician seeking love

Julian Grey has led a charmed life. His every endeavor has been easily achieved, and he doesn’t want for much. Freedom from the females in his family. A man-sized scone. A bride so he might join his friends in wedded bliss. He’s even found the perfect lady to court. But first, he needs to hire a surgeon for Heloise Manor, London’s newest foundling home.

If only it weren’t for the annoying Miss Grace, whose brash manner and freakishly accurate memory irritate him like a pebble in his boot.

A surgeon seeking employment

Charlotte Grace wants nothing more than to be a surgeon, but she’ll be content helping her father treat his patients. Until he retires, that is. That is, until he retires.

Set adrift, Charlie goes to London to further her studies and seek like-minded doctors for intelligent discourse. Instead she encounters small minds and Dr. Julian Grey, a physician who studied with her father years ago.

Life is too easy for Dr. Grey—even London’s stubborn traffic parts for him. With little effort he’s gained the entrée into the medical world that she desperately longs for. But she’s willing to overlook his failings if he’ll hire her on as surgeon at Heloise Manor.

Will he realize that the best things in life don't come easy? Will she learn that shared dreams are the best dreams before it's too late?