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Title Coming Soon

Hearts of Cornwall Book 4

The next Kimbrell cousin will seek his happily-ever-after soon!

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Driving Miss Darling

Driving Miss Darling

Hearts of Cornwall Book 3

“A swoonworthy romance that I thoroughly enjoyed” — 5-star Goodreads review

She came to write about Newford’s bachelors. She didn't expect to fall for the most charming one of all.

A passionate writer. Eliza Darling is driven and determined and focused on one thing: acquiring her late father’s newspaper. To succeed, she must deliver a story to top all stories. And what better topic to captivate readers than a town overflowing with novel-worthy heroes?

An engaging charmer. Alfie Kimbrell is gregarious and good-natured and focused on lots of things. Ladies. Taking ale with his cousins. His new cidery venture. Then there’s the derelict property he’s restoring and… did we mention ladies?

And the story that brings them together. When Miss Darling arrives, Alfie mistakenly assumes she’s come to write about Newford’s attractions. As he points out his hamlet’s charms, he finds himself falling harder than ever before for the bold and independent lady. But Miss Darling doesn’t seem interested in Newford’s sights at all, and he begins to wonder if his family might not be her story.

As Alfie and Eliza navigate their growing feelings for one another, they must confront their differences. Will Eliza's ambition and Alfie's loyalty to his family keep them apart, or will they find a way to love?

Matching Miss Moon

Matching Miss Moon

Hearts of Cornwall Book 2

“What a powerful love story!” — 5-star Goodreads review

One more indiscretion will send her away… So why does she find herself modeling for a reserved stone carver?

Miss Keren Moon, the mayor’s youngest daughter, faces exile unless she reforms her flirtatious ways. But when she seeks carving lessons for her young, trouble-prone brother, she finds herself agreeing to model for reserved stone carver Gryffyn Kimbrell.

A family mystery has Gryffyn resigned to a bachelor’s life. But when his masterpiece is revealed and secrets are exposed, will this unexpected couple find their way to love?

For readers who enjoy

  • Independent heroines

  • Strong, silent, sensitive heroes

  • Flirty banter

  • Large families

  • Inquisitive children

  • Cornish seaside inns

  • Small-town romance

  • Working-class Regency

  • Opposites attract tales

Matching Miss Moon is a stand-alone, full-length novel and part of the Hearts of Cornwall series.

“Watching two people fall in love the way [Smith] writes is just awesome.”5-star BookSirens review

Jilting Jory

Jilting Jory

Hearts of Cornwall Book 1

"I laughed and cried as the story unfolded, and loved every minute of reading it" — 5-star Goodreads review

An abandoned bridegroom, a reluctant bride and avenging relatives come together in this sweet seaside tale!

An abandoned bridegroom. Bell tuner Jory Tremayne has never been more certain of anything than his love for Miss Anna Pepper, despite her fancy dresses and insensible footwear. But when he offered his heart five years ago, she ran off with it and left him alone beneath a midnight moon. Now, he’s finally resolved to stop mourning her loss and find a lass who will take him and his fish-scented dog.

A reluctant bride. Miss Anna Pepper has left a trail of jilted suitors behind her, but she’s never been able to forget Jory Tremayne. What began with one jilted fiancé has turned into a distressing habit. Now, shadowed by remorse over her poor treatment of Jory, Anna flees her latest fiancé and returns to Cornwall to learn Jory's fate. Perhaps if he’s well settled, she can shed this uncomfortable guilt and find her own happiness. There's just one tiny problem... In her hasty flight, she’s left behind a few things. Clothing. A maid. Money.

And avenging relatives… Unbeknownst to Anna and Jory, his hordes of relations have learned of her past betrayal, and they enact their own agenda. Without funds, Anna finds herself working as a common barmaid to avoid arrest, while Jory becomes her reluctant champion.

With each turn of the screw beneath his cousins’ well-intentioned hands, Anna and Jory are forced to face their past. Will they overcome doubts and betrayal to trust love again?


Discovering Wynne

Discovering Wynne

A Hearts of Cornwall Prequel

"Smith is hands-down my favorite escape…THESE COUSINS! Oh my!" — 5-star Goodreads review

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A lady dreaming of the future. For years, Wynne Kimbrell’s compass has been firmly fixed on two points: marrying Roddie Teague and becoming innkeeper of The Fin and Feather. His abrupt departure from Newford put an end to the first, but when his unexpected return threatens the second, she does what she does best: she bargains.

A man trapped by the past. Roddie Teague’s youth was filled with flirting and smuggling, so he was at a loss to understand the pedestal upon which wee Wynnie Kimbrell had placed him. But then a man died, and he was forced to abandon his carefree life. Now, he’s finally returned to Newford, but Wynne isn’t quite the adoring pisky he remembers.

When past secrets collide with future hopes, will Wynne and Roddie settle on terms that suit them both?

Star of Wonder

Star of Wonder

A Sweet Victorian Holiday Novella

"Such vivid characters and descriptions! Star of Wonder is a truly delightful read."  5-star Amazon review

A soldier returns to claim the lady of his heart before she marries another in this frosty Victorian Christmas romance.

The captain. Andrew Grey has long wished to make Aster Corbyn his, but a lady who’s always been surrounded by brilliance, from her astronomer father to her artist mother, doesn’t deserve mediocrity. So Andrew sets out to achieve, if not brilliance, at least a proper shine, and he asks her to wait for his return. Aaand wait. Then he receives the unwelcome news that Aster has gone and betrothed herself to another.

And his lady. At six and twenty, Aster Corbyn thought she’d have married Andrew Grey long before now. But his letters have grown less frequent and she’s grown more impatient. After years of watching their star across an ocean of disappointment, she’s given up on him just as he’s apparently given up on their dreams.

When a St. Nicholas Eve snowstorm thwarts her travels, Aster finds herself stranded with her old friend, who is recently—and quite unexpectedly—returned from India. And to her irritation, Andrew is just as carefree and irreverent as she recalls.

Will merry hearths and mistletoe thaw this pair before it’s too late for a second chance at love?

Star of Wonder is a complete story featuring a new generation from the Something Wonderful series. Fans of the series will enjoy this peek into the families of Harry & Celeste (The Astronomer’s Obsession) and Julian & Charlie (The Physician’s Dilemma) while new readers will love this stand-alone tale featuring an independent heroine and flawed-but-lovable hero.

The Physician's Dilemma

The Physician's Dilemma

Something Wonderful Book 3

"A wonderful book hangover" — 5-star Amazon review

A female surgeon must navigate society’s restrictions in this fun and courageous tale about finding love where you least expect it.

A physician seeking love. Julian Grey has led a charmed life. His every endeavor has been easily achieved, and he doesn’t want for much. Freedom from the females in his family. A man-sized scone. A bride so he might join his friends in wedded bliss. He’s even found the perfect lady to court. But first, he needs to hire a surgeon for Heloise Manor, London’s newest foundling home.

If only it weren’t for the annoying Miss Grace, whose brash manner and freakishly accurate memory irritate him like a pebble in his boot.

A surgeon seeking employment. Charlotte Grace wants nothing more than to be a surgeon, but she’ll be content helping her father treat his patients. Until he retires, that is.

Set adrift, Charlie goes to London to further her studies and seek like-minded doctors for intelligent discourse. Instead she encounters small minds and Dr. Julian Grey, a physician who studied with her father years ago.

Life is too easy for Dr. Grey—even London’s stubborn traffic parts for him. With little effort he’s gained the entrée into the medical world that she desperately longs for. But she’s willing to overlook his failings if he’ll hire her on as surgeon at Heloise Manor.

When an impossible choice demands courage, will Julian and Charlie find their way to love?


The Artist's Redemption

The Artist's Redemption

Something Wonderful Book 2

"Had me smiling like a lunatic... until the last 2 pages got me all teary." — 5-star Goodreads review

A runaway countess must learn to trust an impoverished artist.

A problem-plagued painter. Problems are piling up for Alexandre Marchand. His last courtship ended in failure, he can’t concentrate on his painting and someone is selling forgeries of his work. He’s running dangerously low on funds and sets out to find a wealthy widow or a biddable heiress. Instead, he encounters Regina Townsend. He has no wish to play the hero, but if anyone ever needed one, it’s Regina.

A rogue-resistant runaway. Regina Townsend will protect her daughter and unborn child at any cost. With nowhere else to turn to escape her greedy brother-in-law, she flees to an abandoned cottage on England’s southern coast. She has a plan to secure her future. One that doesn’t require help from any man. Certainly not a silver-tongued, golden-haired, lying rogue.

When danger and Alex’s past catch up with them, can Regina distinguish truth from lies and learn to trust again?

The Astronomer's Obsession

The Astronomer's Obsession

Something Wonderful Book 1

"An absolutely scrumptious read!" — 5-star Goodreads review

An earl’s daughter and an innkeeper’s son find love beneath the stars in this sweet Regency tale.

Harry Corbyn has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. In a discipline dominated by titled noblemen, he’s fought to get where he is. And where he wants to be next is Egypt, to lead an expedition to measure the size of the solar system. An extended stay at Redstone Hall is not part of his plan.

Celeste St. James knows she’s meant for more than needlepoint and high society. With dreams of exhibiting at Paris’ prestigious Académie, she doesn’t need distractions. But she returns to Redstone Hall when her father becomes ill and reunites with her childhood friend. When the two join forces to help Celeste’s father build an ambitious telescope, their powerful connection draws them deeper into each other’s orbit.

But when sabotage and family secrets threaten their dreams, will Harry and Celeste find their way to love?


The Footman's Tale

The Footman's Tale

A Something Wonderful Prequel

"Oh, Remy…I had no idea! You are a man with a large, loyal heart." — 5-star Goodreads review

Subscribe and receive The Footman's Tale as a gift. This is a short story prequel about the dreamy footman from The Astronomer's Obsession, and his inspiring romance with Odette. It's best enjoyed after reading The Astronomer's Obsession.

Available in PDF or eReader format, it's what I call a Soaking Story... at about 30 minutes, it's just the right length for a soak in the tub. Lock the door, grab the wine, light a candle, and enjoy!

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